Home of the department of Kinesiology and the Hybrid-Virtual High School Program


This site was the host for both

The Kinesiology Department & the Hybrid-Virtual High School Program,
however since there will not be a Virtual High School Program or a Kinesiology Program
for the 2009-2010 School year,
you will need to go to the Kihei Charter School website for all school-specific information.


You may continue to utilize this site for all things related to Kinesiology.


Under the Kinesiology Umbrella you will find:

Lifetime Activities, Fitness, & Skills, or what we like to call LAFS, our Elementary School Program.

Physical Focus, our Middle School Prgoram.

Physical Dimensions, our High School Program.


Under the Hybrid-Virtual High School Program you will find:
announcements, documents, homework & assignments, projects, and more.

Go back to Maui Kinesiology to locate the following information: Aquatics, Curriculum & Instruction, Instructional Sequences, Quizzes & Tests, Advocacy, Practice & Learn, Assessments, Rubrics, Women in Sports, Extra Credit, Olympics, Resources & Links, Clubs & Special Programs, Parent Letter, and Vita.