Title IX
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Foremothers of Title IX

We competed on courts, fields, and in pools
Without spectators, reporters or fan-fare
We gave our all and raised the level of our play
Without ever realizing our potential
Or receiving offers of scholarships

We coached without pay, and
Personally labored
To ready our arenas for competition

We persistently studied, analyzed and conferred to
Raise the level of our knowledge and skills

We prepared our athletes
To compete on courts, fields and in pools
With spectators, reporters and fan-fare

We gave them our all, in order to
Raise their level of play, and to
The fulfillment of their potential, and
Offers of scholarships

We are the women of yesterday
On whose shoulders the women of today
Stand tall
Being all they can be, and
Reaping their just rewards

We are the foremothers of Title IX
~Barbara Franco Adams
~Copyright 2006

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